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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 8:31 pm

Here is a list of the General Rules, and is subject to change at any time.

1. Role Play etiquette shall be used at all times. Sexually explicit or abuse role play is not permitted in common areas PERIOD! Holding hands and kissing between characters is acceptable, if done appropriately. This is a role-play server, not a SOCIAL server. There are many players that visit, both male and female, of varied ages. Please be respectful of their feelings concerning this matter. This is a Zero Tolerance rule.

2. Foul language is not permitted. “Damn you to the abyss” and “He is an arse” are acceptable. However, use of the “F” word and other variations of the Slang terminologies for curse words is inappropriate and shall not be tolerated. This is a Zero Tolerance rule.

3. Verbal abuse or physical abuse of another character shall not happen. I.E. If you are a level 40 character and you outright attack a level 15 character in PvP; or if you verbally berate a character, and they walk away, and you continuously follow them, and harass the character. If a character receives this type of treatment, and it is unwanted, then send an OOC message to the offending character. If it continues, then report it. This is a Zero Tolerance rule.

4. Using Bugs or Glitches in game to benefit your character is forbidden. This is a Zero Tolerance rule.

Characters that receive or witness these types of infractions to the rules should take screen shots and report it to an available DM in game, or via PM on the forums; so we can deal with the matter immediately. All reported infractions will be kept confidential.

5. Characters
Players with illegal items in their possession will have then removed, and illegal builds shall be asked to re-level the character. As well, no character may have an official title to their character; such as “lord” or “Sir” unless a DM approves it. If a DM asks about the item or build, please be honest.

6. DM staff
The DM staff on the server is here to assist characters with situations, and to provide the players with a fun and exciting adventure. The DM staff is NOT here to cater to the needs of one or two individual characters or players. All things that require the DM’s attention will be handled as they are received. Please be patient.

If a DM renders a decision In Game, and you dispute it, do not openly argue about it with the DM, or disregard it. Take a screenshot to back your claim, and send a PM to an ADM. The ADM will review the situation, and conference with all parties involved, and deliver a final decision. If a DM is acting unfairly in any way towards your toon, or another toon that you witness, then again, get a screen shot of it, and send a pm to an ADM for review. The ADM's have final say on all server matters, and should be consulted in the matter.

7. OOC chat, party channel, shout channel and DM channel
The DM channel is not to be flooded with spam messages. DM’s will respond and deal with issues as they arise and in order received.

The shout channel is not to be used for un-needed chatter. “Hello” or “Goodnight” are acceptable, as well as asking for a party invitation.

The party channel is for party members to communicate in character so the DM staff can view their conversations during the course of an adventure. Common sense tells you that if two characters are on different continents, then they should not be discussing things. Use tells for personal chatter of an OOC nature. If there is no adventure quest being conducted at the time, then, part chat may be used for OOC chatter, as long as it is light.

The talk channel is for role play purposes. Characters attempting to Roleplay at an inn or town square, should not have to deal with other characters talking OOC continuously. Please try to keep OOC chatter to tells or a minimum.

8. Metagaming
If your character was not involved in an event, and was not told about it; then your character does not know about it. In a party, do not use the location of a fellow party member to locate them. Just because you as the player know where the person is, your character will not know. It is a big world. If the character being sought is known to be at a specific place most of the time, then it can be viewed as reasonable. If the evil bad guy is in disguise, then use your PC dice bags to emote your characters perception of the disguise. Just because the name of a character is above their head, does not mean you automatically know the character for who he/she really is.

9. Experience points farming
No two players in a party should be in the same area for experience points purposes, if they are more than 5 levels apart. A 7 level character in an area while in party with a 30 level character; and just standing around invisible to gain the Experience points value of the enemy is farming, and will not be permitted.

Exceptions to this can be made. A squire traveling with his lord for instance, would more than likely be doing what was needed to aid his knightly sponsor. Mages and apprentices are also an exception, for the mage would be helping as well. Blantant breaking of this is another story all together.

10. Player Disputes
We know players will not see eye to eye on all things. Every character has a different make up, and design for their future. Sometimes, these cross paths with the ideas of another character. If there is a dispute between players concerning their characters, then a DM should be contacted to mediate the situation. Do Not take it to an OOC format, and argue, for that will lead to penalties on both characters regardless of right and wrong. If a dispute arises, then take a screen shot(print screen key) for proof later.

11. Containers
6 magic bags of holding, 2 scroll cases, and 2 potion bags are the maximum allowed containers a character is permitted to have. 2 gem bags are also allowed. The pouches, bags etc. should be used for their intended purpose. I.E A longsword in not going to be found normally inside a gem pouch.

12. Names
All Characters need to have a name. Be original in the naming as well. No names associated with heroes or villains from the Role playing game books already in publication will be accepted as valid. Multiple characters with the same or similar variations of a name are not acceptable. I.E. Robert Mondar, Robert uth Mondar; Lord Robert Mondar, and so on.

13. Items
No items except for Server palette items are permitted. No player should have non server items, not attempt to import non server items. These items are illegal, and all characters found in possession of them, will have them removed without warning or question. Players that take an offended stand against the removal, or an offensive stand against the DM, will be subject to further sanctions.

As well, no items sharing between characters is permitted. Your high level character cannot buy items or find them, and then leave them somewhere, log out and log back in with another character with a lower level, and pick them up for sale or use. Players should not be giving other characters these items as gifts either. High powered items are meant as rewards for the characters Role Playing and adventuring of the character.

14. Rebuilds or Re-levels
If you make a mistake in the building of your character, please do not contact a DM because you chose the wrong feat.

A re-level for roleplay circumstances may be granted on a case by case basis. Example: A blackguard that realizes over time and through Role play that his efforts for evil are based on a hatred that he no longer has, and devotes himself to the gods of light, can be given a re-level to become a paladin or another class for good.

These rules are in effect for everyone. No one person is above another, while on the game as a character/or DM. A list of penalties include....

Degrees of punishment include: Level reduction, in game OOC jail, having your character placed on hold and unplayable for a determined amount of time, loss of guild position, character deltion, and player banning through cd key and ip address.

The server is here for everyone to enjoy, and have fun on. The rules are in place to ensure fair play, and equal chances for all. Please respect the rules and abide by them at all times, and have fun.

This is primarily a role play server, and as such, excellent role play is rewarded with role play tokens, that can be turned in at a later time to purchase items and stat increases or other benefits to your characters. As well, excellent role play is rewarded with outright benefits granted by the DM staff upon your character depending on the degree of role play and plot advancement.

These rewards could range from free relevels of your character with no build restrictions, to a level increase, to your character receiving a special gift; be it a weapon, or trinket of some sort; that no other character may be able to gain.

Disregarding and outright violating of the rules will result in penalties and sanctions being imposed upon the character, or player responsible as stated above. So please be mindful and respectful of the rules and your fellow players, and have fun on Dragonlance : Legacy of Krynn.

If there are any questions or comments or suggestions, please direct them via a PM to a member of the DM staff.

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Server Rules
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