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 Gods of Darkness

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Gods in the Abyss (Evil)

Takhisis (Greater Diety)
The Queen of Darkness
Symbol: Black crescent, Five-headed dragon
Colors: Black, iridescent black
Celestial Symbol: Many headed dragon constellation
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Night, evil dragons, hatred, control, intrigue, chaos, domination
Worshipers: corrupt nobles, evil dragons, evil fighters, goblins, noble ogres, tyrants
Cleric Alignment: LN, LE, NE
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Nobility, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Morningstar
Preferred Vestments: Form Fitted black robes, Blackened plate armor

Power is all. Set your webs of deceit and lies so that the gullible may become trapped so that you may destroy them at your leisure. Take that what you need, and let those who are stupid and weak suffer the blame and consequences. Control your lessers with fine silken threads of deceit, innuendo and intimidation. The ultimate purpose of having power is to conquer and rule.

Takhisis, also known as the Queen of Darkness, the Many-Headed Dragon, The Dragon of Many Colors and None, The Temptress, and the Dark Warrior, represents the godly force of control. She brings souls under her will and encourages them to grow according to her plans for conquest. She orders souls to surrender to dominance and give way to those who are stronger. She likewise orders souls to dominate others. She is the highest power among the Gods of Evil and believes that it is her right to one day dominate the entire world. Takhisis is one of the first gods, called along with Paladine. She controls the chromatic dragons and uses them for her conquests, but is always beaten back by the forces of good, evidenced by events like her defeat by Huma Dragonbane with his dragonlance. Her celestial symbol is the constellation Many-Headed Dragon.

Paladine's consort during the Age of Dreams, she is the leader of the Evil Gods. She takes the avatar form of the famous and very powerful five-headed dragon, and that of a beautiful temptress of either elven of human kind. Her colors are either a shiny or dark Black, and influences night, hatred, chaos and intrigue. Her consort now is Sargonnas, God of Fury, and has had two children: Nuitari, God of Black Magic, and Zedoim, Goddess of the Sea and Storms.

Her ultimate goal is domination. She wanted to be the only creator of the first race, the dragons, and for them to bear her symbol. She drained the honor from the dragons and replaced it with a savage fury. By doing this she divided the Gods into families forever.

She then concentrated on control of the Star-Spirits, and planned to wage war against the other Gods. Thus started the All-Saints War. With her defeat she bestowed upon them weakness, plague, and death. She still strives to get back what she feels is rightfully hers, and as a result has been the main contributor to the Wars that have been fought upon Krynn.

During the Third Dragon War, The Queen of Darkness was defeated by Huma Dragonbane, and exiled from Krynn to Nine Hells where she has plotted out her return. Through the Kingpriest she was able to spread her power to even the desolate regions of Ansolan for almost a century. The other Gods had had enough, and invoked the Cataclysm. But she even turned that to her benefit. As the mountain struck Krynn, she was able to secure the temple only to place it back on Krynn in Neraka. Thus linking her plane of existence with the mortal world. After her near entrance to the mortal world it is believed that her banishment by Huma was nullified.

Takhisis' only goal is domination of Krynn. She feeds off the weakness to enslave them to do her bidding. As the embodiment of evil, she detests anything Good, and looks at cruelty as admirable trait. She constantly strives to enter the world and enslave all mortals with-in it.

Other names: Queen of Darkness, Dragonqueen or Dragon Queen (Ergoth, Silvanesti), Erestem (Taladas), Kadulawa'ah (Tarmak), Tii'Mhut (Istar), She of the Many Faces (Hylo), Lady Duerhelis (Irda), Lady of Hell's Anger (Irda), Mai-Tat (Tarsis), Matat (Ancient Plainsmen), Nilat the Corrupter (Icewall), Tamex the False Metal (Thorbardin), Lady Chaos (Mithas), Mwarg (Hobgoblins), the One God (Neraka), the Dark Warrior, the Many-Headed Dragon, Her Dark Majesty, Shadow Sorcerer, Five Great Dragons (Jarak-sinn).

Chemosh (Intermediate Deity)
Lord of Death
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Yellow Skull
Colors: Black and Sickly Yellow
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Yellow Goat's Skull"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, Undead, Murder
Worshipers: Crazed Cultists, Necromancers
Domains: Death, Evil, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Sickle ("Harvester of Souls")
Preferred Vestments: Black Robe, White Skull Mask, Bone medallion of Faith.

The world issued from Chaos, who has no purpose or grand plan for it. Mortals have no souls. The flesh is all that matters. Death is a gate to oblivion. The gods of Good delude their worshipers with promises of life after death to enslave them. Service to Chemosh is rewarded with true everlasting life.

Chemosh, also known as the Lord of Bones, Lifebane, and the Black Goat, represents the godly force of fatalism. He encourages souls to give up to destiny and fate. Chemosh disdains life, feeling that it is wasted on the people of Krynn. He prefers to promise "immortality" by making souls into undead rather than letting them pass into the afterlife. Chemosh gains power as people surrender their free will to him. Chemosh sits in the Hall of Soul's Passing and watches the progression of souls into the afterlife, where he attempts to lure souls into becoming undead. Chemosh is the direct opposite of Mishakal as she promotes life and hope. He is the foe of all of the Gods of Good, and among the Gods of Neutrality is in opposition to Chislev, for disrupting the natural order of life, and Sirrion, for suppressing hope and creativity. He has few allies but sometimes works with Hiddukel and Morgion due to the nature of his schemes. His celestial symbol is the constellation Goat's Skull.

Patron of all undead, and influences all that have died upon the face of Krynn. He recruit corpses to do his bidding, and thus increases his strength. His colors are e Black and a sickly Yellow. His avatar form is human man in a black robe, or a litch in fine rotting clothes. His favored weapon is a small obsidian sickle which directs him to his target with the fullest life force.

Works with his Queen and raises leaders for her armies on Ansolan. He strives to corrupt all living beings, and will recruit with false promises of immortality. His worshipers generally wear masks of skulls and black robes.

Other names: Lord of Death, Lord of Bone, Lord of Bones, Aeleth (Ergoth), Dron of the Deep (Tarsis), Chemos Jotun (Icewall), Khemax (Thorbardin), Lifebane (Mithas), Orkrust (Hobgoblin), the Black Goat.

Hiddukel (Intermediate Deity)
Prince of Lies
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Broken Merchant Scales
Colors: Red and Bone
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Broken Scale"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Wealth, Thieves, Lies
Worshipers: Dishonest Merchants, Thieves
Domains: Evil, Treachery, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Dagger ("Vengeance Sting")
Preferred Vestments: Robes made of fine Red silk with bone color in the sleeves.

Greed is the driving force in the world. Those who deny that they love money are lying. Nothing in the world is as important as wealth. Acquire riches, no matter who or what stands in your way. Lies give the truth meaning. Discover someone's deepest desire and you will find the key to his soul.

Hiddukel, also known as the Prince of Lies, the Betrayer, and the Broken Scales, represents the godly force of exploitation. He influences souls to use every encounter with another person to their advantage. He captures souls who are desiring or despairing to use the misfortune of others to their profit. He is ultimately selfish and cares for no one but himself, and passes that attitude on to his mortal followers. Hiddukel constantly attempts to make deals with the other gods, and his lies lead mortals to carry out evil in the world. He can call upon nearly all of the Gods of Evil for aid because of his dealing with them and his ability to divert their attention from him if they begin to suspect him. All of the Gods of Neutrality - especially Shinare, because of her promoting of fairness and honesty - oppose him. Reorx as well dislikes him because Hiddukel tricked him into forging the Graygem. Majere and Branchala among the Gods of Good are his enemies, as the powers of discipline and positive interaction respectively. His celestial symbol is the constellation Broken Scale.

God of corrupt business, and influences spirits that are damned, slavery, greed and betrayal. He trade souls to anyone that can afford his prices. His colors are Red and Bone White, and will take the avatar form of an obese man that will avoid physical combat. He heavily rely on his spells and monster bodyguards.

Hiddukel deals in souls of all races and will barter generally for a material object. He uses ill-gotten wealth and treasures to corrupt anyone who desires to become wealthy. Those that make a bargain with him usually end up losing their lives. He hates Shinare above all, and offers his worshipers great treasure for the desecration of her temples and shrines. Not being the fighting type, he fears Reorx and avoids angering him.

It is rumored that he could come out on top if he was to make her a deal, and the Greygem resulted as one of his deals.

Other names: Prince of Lies, Betrayer (Mithas), Usk-Do (Hobgoblin), Hitax the Flaw (Thorbardin), M'Fistos (Istar), Hith (Thenol), Broken Scales, Lord of Demons..

Morgion (Intermediate Deity)
Black Wind
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: A hood with two red eyes
Colors: Deep Brown and Black
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Diseased Hood"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Disease, Planning, Suffering
Worshipers: Crazed Cultists
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Pestilence
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail ("Disease Cloud")
Preferred Vestments: Loose fitting Gray robes with hood

Disease breeds fear. Fear is power. Spread disease and reap the terrible reward.

Morgion, also known as the Black Wind, Master of the Bronze Tower, and the Rat King, represents the godly force of decay. He urges souls to break down their complexities to attain their most basic form. He believes mortals should leave Krynn with nothing but what they came in with. Morgion is the god of diseases and of the ultimate decay of all things, from individuals to nations. Morgion succeeds in the suffering of Krynn. Morgion opposes things like a healthy, wholesome life or a quick, painless death. He believes that the strong survive, and to survive one must suffer. Morgion remains isolated from the other gods and tries to infect the world with plague and horror. He seeks to make Krynn endure as much pain as possible. He opposes Mishakal, Majere, and Habbakuk especially among the Gods of Good, all of whom oppose him. Chislev opposes him for seeking to degrade life, and Sirrion is against him because of Morgion's constant gloom. Shinare and Reorx oppose his goals as well. He interacts little with the other Gods of Evil, brooding in the Bronze Tower at the edge of the Abyss. His celestial symbol is the constellation Diseased Hood.

God of decay, disease, and plague, who hates all that is healthy. His colors are Dark Brown and Black. He has two favorite avatars: A thick black rolling cloud with red glowing eyes, and a priestess, or executioner that wears a black hood. he will only talk in a low whisper.

Morgion work in complete secrecy and has never worked with any other God. He constantly strives to sabotage Mashakal's healing arts, His worshiper meet in secret and those outside are unaware of their agendas.

Other names: Black Wind, H'Rar (Ergoth, Istar), Gormion (Tarsis), Morgi (Icewall), Morgax the Rustlord (Thorbardin), Pestilence (Mithas), Anthrax Goatlord (Hobgoblins), Lord of the Bronze Tower, Master of the Bronze Tower, Ussk (Hurdu).

Nuitari (Intermediate Deity)
Devouring Dark
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Black Circle or Sphere
Color: Black
Celestial Symbol: The Black Moon
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Magic, Arcane Knowledge
Worshipers: Wizards of the Black Robes
Domains: None
Favored Weapon: None
Preferred Vestments: Black satin cowl, black velvet cape
Serve magic and serve me. Magic is power; keep it secret and keep it safe.

Nuitari, also known as the Devouring Dark, Nightreaver, and Ungod, represents the power of magic used for evil. He patrons wizards who use magic for greed, revenge, hatred, and ambition. He uses the laws of High Sorcery, but only in an attempt to strengthen his own power. He was once representative of the godly force of ambition, but he leaves the Abyss and houses his essence in the black moon of Krynn. His focus now is the Black Robed wizards and watching them as they go through their lives. Nuitari is the son of Takhisis and Sargonnas. He houses his essence into the black moon when it becomes apparent to him that magic needs to be brought under control, to prevent it from falling into the hands of wild mages. Nuitari, for the most part, loathes his fellow Gods of Evil, and especially detests Takhisis for directing arcane power into the Gray Robed Knights of Takhisis. The only Gods Nuitari regularly interacts with are his cousins Solinari and Lunitari, whom he is especially close to. They are always seen together at meetings among the Gods and promotes alliegence to magic first over the forces of good and evil and law and chaos. His celestial symbol is the black moon, Nuitari.

God of Black Magic he has two forms he will assume while visiting Krynn: A man with jet black hair , dressed in black robes, or a wicked child. His color is Black and his love for magic is much stronger than his will to do evil. He spends most of his time studying spells to give to his priests and wizards.

Constantly working with the other Gods of Magic, his main goal is to increase the presence of magic, and will go to any means to make this possible. He does not lure mages to wear the black robes, but will encourage them . He will continue to work with the other Gods but secretly wishes for all magic on Krynn to be black magic.

Other names: Devouring Dark, Nightreaver (Mithas), Darkness (Elian), Black Hand (Balifor), Ungod (Thorbardin), Nuvis (Taladas).

Sargonnas (Greater Deity)
Dark Vengeance
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Stylized Red Condor
Colors: Red and Black
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Condor"
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Vengeance, Conquest, Strength, Rage
Worshipers: Minotaurs, Bounty Hunters, Fighters
Domains: Evil, Fire, Law, War
Favored Weapon: Great Axe ("Horns of Fury")

Wreak vengeance on those who wrong you. The weak have no place in society. Strength is power. Power is gained through strength and held through honor. Be loyal to those who are loyal to you. Destroy those who betray you. Never show mercy, for mercy dishonors both you and your enemy.

Sargonnas, also known as the Red Condor, the Firebringer, and the Bull God, represents the godly force of wrath. He orders souls to seek revenge on anything that does them wrong or takes power from them. He is the master of vengeance, wars fought for passion, anger, volcanoes, birds of prey and broken promises. His followers are focused in the use of discipline and order for their pursuits. He is the favorite god of minotaurs, who claim him to be the supreme deity and name him Sargas. Sargonnas favors the minotaurs in turn. Sargonnas is the consort to Takhisis, despite having an uneasy partnership with her; he can ally with her or oppose her to further his own goals. With Takhisis gone and his followers flourishing, Sargonnas is a powerful god in the current time of Krynn. Sargonnas has no real allies. He conflicts with his child Nuitari, and Chemosh, Morgion, and Hiddukel are distrusted by him. He does, however, ally with Zeboim, because his minotaurs are a sea-faring people, and they often honor her. Kiri-Jolith and Paladine are his enemies among the Gods of Good, although each side has a grudging respect for the other. His celestial symbol is the constellation Condor. Sargonnas is known to appear in several forms: His most favored form is a minotaur with jet black or blood red fur, massive horns and blazing eyes, but he can also appear as a minotaur made of magma or a monstrous condor. Minotaurs claim that five is Sargonnas favored number.

Takhisis' consort,who plots against her as much as he serves her. He influences vengeance, intrigue, and destruction. His colors are Red and Black, and takes the form of a red condor with an enticing voice. He has also taken the form of a fire elemental with the voice that sounds like the Dwarven Forges.

He constantly plots to better his own power, and has no concern for anyone but himself. He is growing tired of his Queens infidelity, and is currently leaking information to the powers of good and neutral. His greatest desire is to over throw his Queen.

Other names: Argon (Istar, Ergoth), The Firebringer (Hylo), Misal-Lasim (Tarsis), Gonnas the Willful (Icewall), Sargonax the Bender (Thorbardin), Kinthalas (Silvanesti), Kinis (Qualinesti), Sargas (Mithas), the Bull God, Lord of Wastes (Khur), Torghan the Avenger (Khur).

Zeboim (Intermediate Deity)
Darkling Sea
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Turtle Shell Pattern
Colors: Green and Red
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation "Dragon Turtle"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Sea, Storms, Envy
Worshipers: Sailors, Pirates, Evil Druids
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Storm, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident ("Triad")
Preferred Vestments: Easy to discard robes with sea motif emblazoned on them

People respect and fear fury. No sailor is safe unless the Sea Queen wills it, therefore worship her and offer her many gifts. Eventually, the sea will consume all, and all lands will drown under the power of Zeboim. Adore her or be lost to the storm.

Zeboim, also known as the Sea Witch, the Darkling Sea, and the Dragon Turtle, represents the godly force of strife. She encourages souls to give into its urges and release anger. She is the unpredictable and embodies storm and raging sea, which is the element she commands over. Her attitude constantly changes, going from calm to raging in a minute. She wants souls to continually cause anguish and anger, so that they remain active and vital, instead of becoming predictable and stagnant. Sailors and mariners try to calm her during voyages so that she does not make trouble for their vessel. Zeboim is the daughter of Takhisis and Sargonnas. She dislikes her mother and father, along with Chemosh, though she works with both her parents on occasion. She ignores Morgion and Nuitari and works with Hiddukel well. She hates or works against the Gods of Neutrality and has a special dislike for Habbakuk, who she sees as her true foe because of his power of the sea. Her celestial symbol is the constellation Dragon Turtle.
Goddess of all mariners, she influences sea, weather, and the undead races of the sea. Her colors are Green and Red, and assumes the form of a giant sea turtle with the face of a human female.

As unpredictable as the sea, she has no intention of going against the wishes of her Queen and mother. She does however think that her father, Sargonnas, is unworthy of her mothers attention. Her goal is to conquer the seas, but Habbakuk ensures her ultimate victory and lives to ensure that her goal is forever out of her reach. She will scheme and plot to remove him from her sea, thus they are constantly at war.

Other names: Baizia the Fierce (Khur), Darkling Sea, Rann (Ergoth), Zyr (Tarsis), Zebyr Jotun (Abanasinian Plainsmen, Icewall), Maelstrom (Mithas), Sea Witch, Dragon Turtle, Zura (Sea Elves)

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Gods of Darkness
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