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 Laws of High Sorcery

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Laws of High Sorcery Empty
PostSubject: Laws of High Sorcery   Laws of High Sorcery I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 10:10 pm

List of Guild Rules

1. All wizards must follow the Foundations of Magic.

2. All wizards must follow the bidding of the Conclave and their Order.

3. No outsider must learn of the secrets of the Orders.

4. All wizards must report any renegade activity they discover.

5. Altering the forces of creation and the very fabric of magic is expressly forbidden unless permission is granted by the Conclave to do so.

6. Wizards must act in the best interests of magic, do not endanger it with the pointless destruction of innocents/property.

7. Calling forth creatures in public areas without of valid reason frightens the common folk and will further their distrust of the orders and magic, it is to be avoided.

8. All worthy candidates shall be monitored and brought to the orders should they be found capable of the lifestyle and devotion the art demands, unwanted candidates are to be watched so that they do not become a threat, it is required you report your finding on them in case they prove destructive to magic.

9. The gods of magic are to be revered before other gods and are your primary allegiance, swearing to another god before them is grounds for being declared a renegade.

10. Using magic to fabricate coins and wealth is a banned practice, for it would upset local economies and give wizards a bad name.

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Laws of High Sorcery
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