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 Spellcasting Rules

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PostSubject: Spellcasting Rules   Spellcasting Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 10:17 pm

Failure to Adhere may be grounds for being declared a Renegade.

Ninth Level Spells: These are restricted, cast only by Tested Magi. (OOC note: If a player decides to join the Knights of Takhisis, then it would be assumed, if no other player is available, that the player would have learned the use of these spells from someone of higher station. Renegade wizards not aligned with the Tower of High Sorcery, or the Knights of Takhisis, are not permitted to use these spells, for they would not have availability to learn them.)

Time Stop: This spell is resticted, cast only by Masters and Archmagi of the Orders, or higher Ranking persons in The Knights of Takhisis.
Please note that former Masters will retain the knowledge of this spell, and some Masters may teach this to an apprentice. Do NOT use this spell without RP learning it.

Epic Spell: All - These spells are cast only by members of the conclave, or those whom have proven themselves dedicated to the art above all else.

Epic Spell: Hellball This spell is restricted, cast only by Members of Conclave.
This spell is vast and creates a wake of devastation. If cast there needs to be GOOD RP reason, not simply to be used in combat situations. DM's will react accordingly to seeing this cast, to reflect the damage and devastation. Wanton destruction will result in having to report to Conclave and may bring punishment.

Please note that former Conclave Members will retain the knowledge of these spells, and some may teach this to an apprentice. Do NOT use these spells without RP learning them.

//OOC note: The restricted spells have been made as such because the towers of high sorcery would strictly monitor the learning of these spells as they are very powerful, and can upset the balance of magic. Exceptions can be made to these guidelines based on the individual RP stories of characters.

Spell Schools.

A magi may take spell focus in any school, however, greater spell focus, and epic spell focus are limited only to the schools favored by the magi's order, or common schools.

ALL: Conjuration and Evocation

White Robes: Abjuration and Divination

Red Robes: Illusion and Transmutation

Black Robes: Enchantment and Necromancy.

If after being Tested your Moon Changes from the current build, you will be permitted a free re-level in order to change to a more suiting spell focus. There may be some exceptions to this rule for exceptional RP.

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Spellcasting Rules
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