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 Build/ Class Guidelines and Restrictions

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PostSubject: Build/ Class Guidelines and Restrictions   Build/ Class Guidelines and Restrictions I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 8:44 pm

Special Consideratons:

Harper Scout
The Harper Scout is a class not born of the Dragonlance setting, and therefore, due to the class specifications, and benefits, is prohibited from entering Legacy of krynn.

Sorcerer is an allowed class. Due to drawing their magic from their blood-line or innate power source, they will be known as Renegade spellcasters. It should be known that Wizards of High Sorcery, will hunt down and destroy sorcerers and renegades they find, if they can. Caution should be observed when choosing this class.

Purple Dragon Knight
The Purple Dragon Knight is an allowed class. However, there are guidelines that must be observed. The character must be a member of an organized/formal army of a standing nation, and observe the pre-requisites of the class.

Red Dragon Disciple
Red Dragon Disciple may be permitted as a class, but only after the Player has demonstrated a great Role Play background and concept for the character, and has proven their focus is not upon power gaming.

The RDD shall be used as a template for all Half Dragon characters, the Admin will use leto to give the appropriate wings to the character as well as immunities and so on for that particular race template. The player shall give the character a draconic like appearance I.E. Red skin and horned head for a Half Red Dragon.

Champion of Torm
The Champion of Torm is a prestige class limited to the Lawful Service of the Gods of Light. A Knight of Solamnia, or Cleric, or Paladin in service to a sovreign deity and/or nation.

The prestige class of assassin is allowed only with DM approval. A suitable Background for the character is required as the basis for the advancement to assassin; as well, assassins are trained by the thieves guild.
The only exception to this is the training of a character in the assassination arts by a pre-existing assassin no longer associated with any guild or faction.

Divine Classes
Clerics, Druids and Shifters gain the powers from the divinity of the gods, and to a lesser degree so do Monks.

The Player will choose from the appropriate domains for their character's faith and ethos if they create a cleric.

The player will choose an appropriate faith for their divine spellcasting class or monastic order.

Such as, are no Clerics of Chemosh with the Healing and/or Sun domains, there are no Druids of Sargonnas, Shifters of Chislev do not choose unnatural shapes such as constructs and undead, There are no Monks of Zeboim.

Monks will have limitations upon their class build combinations according to their ethos.

Dragon Shape
The Dragon Shape ability is not prohibited, however, please note the ability granted will NOT be grounds for playing a draconic character nor will the shape grant the same abilities as the templates used for dragons on the server.

If you do not want your character involved in role play and situations that go against their make up and ethos, then stay away from dragon shape. If you choose dragon shape the gods may interfere.

Power Builds
Character builds that are unrealistic and exploitive for the purpose of power gaming, are prohibited.

Examples of, but not limited too are: Bard/Pale master, Druid/Monk, Paladin/Blackguard.

Players that see their characters changing alignments over the course of adventures may find that their class is restricted to certain alignments. Should your character change their alignment, and be unable to progress in a certain class, then it is just the way it is. A full rebuild will be determined on a case by case basis.

Example: Your knight of Solamnia falls from grace, and finds himself joining the Knights of Takhisis. The player can be given the option of a full rebuild, or they can just continue on as they are and progress as a Knight of Takhisis. However, the said character shall ot be permitted the use of his former paladin abilities as they are granted from the gods of light. If a player wishes to remain with the classes they had originally, yet use their special class abilities when prohibited, the character will be forced to rebuild; NO EXCEPTIONS.
A leto can be given to remove said special abilities in favor of different abilities more aligned with the current ethos and class.

If there are any questions or comments or suggestions, please direct them via a PM to a member of the DM staff

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Build/ Class Guidelines and Restrictions
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