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 The Order of Lords

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The Order of Lords Empty
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The Order of Lords

In all classes of the knighthood, once characters have reached a specified Rank, they have the opportunity to enter into the Order of Lords. There are a limited number of lord positions, and in order for a character to rise to a level, a vacancy must already exist within the order the candidate wishes to enter. Such a vacancy may be created. Advancement through formal challenge and knightly combat is not only permissible but encouraged.
While each of the Orders of Lords are equivalent in rank, there is considerable variation in the power and nature of the ranks depending upon the order to which the knight belongs.

The assignment and mission of a lord knight need not be constrained to those of his own order, however. Indeed, it is common for a lord knight sorcerer to be placed in command of a legion of Knights of the Lily, or to find a clerical lord knight in command of a unit comprising the Order of the Thorn.
Lord Ashara realized that, since most large military units of the Knights of Takhisis comprise elements of all three orders of knighthood, it was conceivable that lord knights might well favor their own order over the others. The Emperor took care to see that this did not happen. Those who have risen to such high levels in the ranks have been indoctrinated in the concept of 'Power through Diversity,' that a wise leader uses all of the assets available to ensure victory. Indeed, it is a point of honor among the Knights of Takhisis that no favoritism is shown, and the accusation of such impropriety is a challenge to one's honor that never goes unanswered.

When a vacancy in the upper ranks of the knighthood comes about as the result of attrition (such as a lord knight dying of natural causes or being killed in battle, outside single combat), all applicants must present themselves before a lord knight tribunal. The tribunal is made up of a majority of knights in that particular order. It is entirely up to the discretion of the reviewing tribunal to determine the criteria under which the position shall be won. Typically such criteria will consist of elimination tournaments or particularly hazardous ventures.

Those who wish to force a vacancy in the knighthood may challenge a lord knight in that position to single combat. In this latter case, victory assures the assumption of the defeated knight's rank by the victorious knight. A tribunal is not called into session in such an instance.
Assassination is not an option, this being viewed as an act of cowardice.
It is only after assuming a place in the next level of knighthood that characters may advance to the next highest rank. When characters do advance, they use the tables as listed for the order of knighthood through which they rose to their position. In other words, one a character is a Knight of the Thorn, that character remains a Thorn Knight until they die, even though the rank places the character in common with knights of all orders

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The Order of Lords
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