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 Knights of the Lily

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Knights of the Lily Empty
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Knights of the Lily

As with the Knights of Solamnia, any who would enter into the Knights of Takhisis must begin as a squire of the Order of the Lily. All Knights of Takhisis remain in the Order of the Lily until they attain the rank of Dark Knight and are ready to advance to Novice of Night (before attaining level 22). At this level, knights may choose entry into either Skull or Thorn, or remain with the Lilies.
The Knights of the Lily are the military might of the knighthood and the center of political power as well. They always have lead over squads of the Dragon Army. The Order of the Skull and the Order of the Thorn are separate, with their own particular skills and areas of responsibility. While it may look to an outsider as if the Knights of the Lily are the dominant force in the knighthood, all three orders provide necessary functions and are considered equal in power and authority, differing only in jurisdiction and function.

Knights of the Lily Ranks

20 Aspirant Believer
22 Dark Knight
Novice of Night
Night Acolyte
Night Warrior
Black Bard
Dark Wanderer
Dark Warrior
Warrior of the Lily
Champion of the Lily (12 only)
Master of the Lily (6 only)
Protector of the Lily (3 only)
Lord of the Lily (1 only)
//the numbers on the list indicate the minimum level a character must be to attain that rank. All others can be achieved as deserved.

All those wishing to Join the ranks of the Knights, must by level 15 minimum; seek out a knight in good standing, and make their wishes known. Some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis; but not often.

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Knights of the Lily
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