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 Knights of the Skull

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PostSubject: Knights of the Skull   Knights of the Skull I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2011 9:51 pm

Knights of the Skull

These Knights form the clerical order of the knighthood. They practice the healing arts and are also in charge of both external intelligence and internal security.
Skull Knights work their art by stealth and subtlety rather than by force, leaving that to the other two orders.
Knights of the Skull are dedicated solely to Takhisis, to the exclusion of all other gods and goddesses (including other dark deities). Her Dark Majesty rewards such loyalty by renewing their spells on a daily basis, in a manner similar to other clerics. This is unlike the Knights of Solamnia, who must fast and pray to attain their spells.
Knights of the Skull may advance through the ranks as high as Skull Champion before they must vie for a position among the lord knights.

Knight of the Skull Levels

22 Bone Novice
Bone Acolyte
Skull Knight
Skull Warrior
Skull Bishop
Skull Champion
Master of the Skull (6 only)
Protector of the Skull (3 only)
Lord of the Skull (1 only)
//the numbers on the list indicate the minimum level a character must be to attain that rank. All others can be achieved as deserved.

All those wishing to Join the ranks of the Knights, must by level 15 minimum; seek out a knight in good standing, and make their wishes known. Some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis; but not often.

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Knights of the Skull
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