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 Knights of the Thorn

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Knights of the Thorn

Knights of the Thorn are an order of wizards and Sorcerers. They operate completely outside the Towers of High Sorcery on Ansalon, refusing to swear any allegiance to any of the three robes, including black, and are therefore considered renegade wizards by all members of the conclave.
Unlike the wizards of the conclave, the Grey Robe Knights, as they are known, work with dark priests - Knights of the Skull - in maintaining order both in conquered lands and their own home territories. The Thorn Knights are of a special type. They may wear armor while casting spells, and are not limited to the use of merely wizards weapons as the Tower restricts their mages to. They may use any weapons they can learn to use effectively. However, oftentimes this leads to decreased spells because of the devotion needed to learn spell casting is lacking due to the learning in different areas.

Knight of the Thorn Levels

22 Thorn Apprentice
Thorn Initiate
Thorn Knight
Master of the Thorn (7 only)
Protector of the Thorn (3 only)
Lord of the Thorn (1 only)
//the numbers on the list indicate the minimum level a character must be to attain that rank. All others can be achieved as deserved.

All those wishing to Join the ranks of the Knights, must by level 15 minimum; seek out a knight in good standing, and make their wishes known. Some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis; but not often.

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Knights of the Thorn
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