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 Knight of Takhisis Requirements

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Knight of Takhisis  Requirements Empty
PostSubject: Knight of Takhisis Requirements   Knight of Takhisis  Requirements I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2011 10:00 pm

Racial Requirements

Human - Unlimited
Kender - N/A
Gnomes - N/A

Dark - Unlimited
Qualinesti - N/A
Silvanesti - N/A
Kagonesti - N/A
Dimernesti/Dargonesti - N/A
Half-Elves - Order of Lords prohibited

Fatherless - Unlimited
Hill Dwarves - N/A
Mountain Dwarves - N/A
Gully Dwarves - N/A

Irda - N/A
Minotaurs - Unlimited\

Class Requirements

Knight of the Lily - Blackguard Level 10, STR 14

Knight of the Skull - Blackguard level 10, WIS 15

Knight of the Thorn - Blackguard Level 5, Int 16(Wiz)/Cha 16(Sorc)

Alignment - Lawful Evil

Diety - Takhisis

Weapon Focus in one weapon of choice.

Assassin class is prohibited.

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Knight of Takhisis Requirements
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