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 Legend of Huma

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PostSubject: Legend of Huma   Legend of Huma I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 31, 2011 6:45 pm

Legend of Huma Dragonbane

For more than 700 years, Vinas Solamnus was considered
the epitome of what a knight could be, and the Knighthood
followed his example while helping Solamnia grow into a
major power in the world. By the time of the Third Dragon
War, Solamnia and its knights were the premier military
power on Ansalon.

Near the end of the Third Dragon War, a Knight of
the Crown named Huma of Eldor rose to prominence;
his legend would become the best-known story of the
Knighthood. The young knight spawned many stories,
most of which cannot be verified. Regardless of which
parts of his life are fiction and which are fact, Huma is the
icon of knightly virtue to which most Solamnics look.
The most important deed credited to Huma marked
the end of the Third Dragon War. Along with the human
woman Gwyneth, who was in reality the silver dragon
El’liolle or Heart, Huma undertook a quest to find a way
to defeat the evil dragons of Takhisis. While on this quest,
Gwyneth and Huma fell in love, a love that remained
solid even after Huma found out Gwyneth was truly a
dragon. It was, however, a love doomed to tragedy. At the
end of their quest, Paladine gave the pair a choice: they
could live together as mortals, apart from the rest of the
world, or they could help save the world from the Queen
of Darkness. Making the only choice truly available to the
honorable knight, the pair was given the secret of forging
dragonlances, something they accomplished with the aid of
the dwarven smith Duncan Ironweaver, who wielded the
Hammer of Honor and bore what would become known as
the Silver Arm of Ergoth.

Armed with the dragonlances and led by Huma, the
Knights and their metallic dragon allies were able to drive
Takhisis’ evil dragons and their armies back over the lands
they had previously conquered. In the final battle of the
war, Huma, riding El’liolle, confronted Takhisis as she
entered the world as her major aspect of the Many Headed
Dragon. Huma wounded the Dark Queen and forced her
to retreat back to the Abyss, but not before extracting from
her the promise to leave Krynn, take her dragons, and
never return. Unfortunately, both Huma and El’liolle were
mortally wounded in the confrontation. Some accounts say
that the pair died where they fell. Others say their deaths
were slow and agonizing, causing the pained gods of Good
to inflict thunderstorms across Ansalon. To this day, many
Solamnics maintain that thunderstorms still mark the
gods’ mourning for Huma.

Huma, now called Dragonbane, was laid to rest in a
tomb in the Monument of the Silver Dragon. The tomb
became a major site of pilgrimage for the Knights and
the people of Solamnia until its location was lost after
the Cataclysm.

Years of love have been forgot
In the hatred of a minute. - Edgar Allen Poe
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Legend of Huma
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