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 PvP Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: PvP Rules and Guidelines   PvP Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 8:51 pm

PvP should have terms agreed upon in an OOC format by all parties involved before hand to avoid any confusion, or ill feelings.

1. Healing
Using potions and kits in PvP is not a measure of the characters skills or abilities, but rather who can spam the button of heals faster. Therefore using potions in PvP is prohibited, unless it is cast from a spell by a cleric.

2. Hostile
You must, before attacking in any form; set your opponent to hostile. Failure to do this will result in sanctions against the offending character.

3. Role Play
PvP between characters should be the result of Role play. A character will not just walk up to another character and attack him for no reason. Many towns have laws, and characters are smart enough to realise that breaking the laws of a town will get them locked up.

If a PvP situation does arise, then challenge the other character in game. If the player accepts, then come to terms of the PvP challenge. If the player refuses the PvP, then it is dead. Do not follow or harass the character and attempt to goad him/her into a fight. Heated banter after the rejection is alright, as long as it does not cross the line. Example: an evil fighter challenges a nuetral wizard, and the wizard refuses the fight. The fighter could then spurn his heart by calling him weak or scared, but not follow him to another transition for the purpose of getting him to fight. As well, do not reject the PvP challenge, and then follow the challenger out of the area and attack him.

4. PvP death.
Sooner or later, your character will die as a result of PvP. Being raised after the duel is a courtesy, and not a requirement.

Should you die in PvP, and are forced to respawn, then please do not return to the area of the fight to continue the debate. If you are given an OOC raise, role play the defeat, and leave the area.

If you are raised IC by clerical means, then you are still defeated, but need not leave the area, and may continue to Role play, yet are prohibited from PvP until you leave the area, and rest.

In death, the character is lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Please do not speak in character after your hit points reach -11. Unless your character is known as an undead, there should be no reason for it. A few OOC comments are permitable.

5 Assassination
If a bounty is posted on a character, and an assassin takes up the bounty, then the assassin is free to attack as he sees fit. All Assassin bounties must be posted on the forum and approved by a DM, before they can be pursued In Game. For purposes of bounties, any character looking to take a hit out on another character should PM a DM with details, and the DM shall make the "Contract" post on the forums.

Assassinations have an exception to Healing in PvP. If the Assassin uses Hide in Plain Sight to vanish and thus break off the fight for a moment, both characters involved may heal using kits or potions.

If the assassin is charged with retrieving a certain item from your character, and you have the item on you, then hand it over. Do not not lie and say you dont have it. For your toon is dead, and subject to search. DM's will be monitoring this.

6. Non PvP characters.
If your character is not made for PvP, then in the description of the character at creation, place a notice that your Character is not intended for PvP. However, do not use this as an excuse for the character to be insulting and beligerent, and then hide behind this should someone wish to press PvP. If you run your mouth and make threats, and get beat down for it, you did it to yourself.

If you are challenged for PvP, politely send an OOC tell or message that your character is not intended for PvP purposes.

Again, the assassin is the exception to this rule. Even though a character may be non PvP, they may still get involved in Role Play scenarios that get them noticed, and marked for elimination. However, the attacker must have the assassin prestige class as part of their build.

7. PvP restrictions
Wanton PvP for the fun of beating up on another character is abusive, and has a ZERO TOLERANCE attachment added to it.

If there are any questions or comments or suggestions, please direct them via a PM to a member of the DM staff

Rules of Item Acquisition:

rules TBD

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PvP Rules and Guidelines
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