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 Timeline and Recent Events

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PostSubject: Timeline and Recent Events   Timeline and Recent Events I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 7:12 pm

The year is 361 AC. It has been 7 years since the War of the Lance calmed down to a stalemate. The battles may have ended, but the war is far from over.

In the year 351, the Heros of the Lance from the Dragonlance books that we all love did indeed meet in Solace, and endure upon their quest. However, upon their arrival at Xak Tsaroth, our story changes. The heroes discovered something in the ruins that still remains unknown. Those whom went in, either died, or were terribly scarred that they still cannot speak of it. Other even fled in terror, still remaining in hiding.

A group of adventurers did forage into Xak Tsaroth, and managed to return with golden disks. These disks gave a chosen few the power to bring back the true art of healing into the world. However, these disks were stolen and have not been recovered. Fortunately, the chosen few were able to learn enough of the disks to teach others the arts of healing.
The true art of healing was returned to the world, and the clerics of the gods of light have traveled far and wide to ease the pain and hardships brought on by all sides in the conflict. The clerics of the grey have traveled to keep the balance, while the clerics of the gods of darkness have traveled to bring more people into the influence of their gods.

Rumors of a wizards tower in goodlund have made their way to the world. A tower long ago sealed, but resonating with power.
The minotaur Empire made landfall south of Silvanesti, and seized control of the region due to the misgivings of former commanders of the old Dragon Army empire. The land of Silvanesti is still embroiled in terror. The nightmare has taken a deathly tight grip upon the land. The Minotaur empire has tried to fight it, to no avail.

The lands of the Qualinesti have been closed off to all outsiders. Only elves whom know the passages, or allies that have the means to get to Qualinost unseen are granted entry. The enemy to them is still close, but their forces have fought them to a stalemate.
The dwarven fortress of Pax Tharkas was liberated, and is now a bastion to Dwarf, elf, and humankind alike seeking a haven where they can get a good nights sleep.

The people of the land grew tired a long time ago of the constant aspect of war looming on the horizon. They are hungry, tired, weary and afraid. Dragonmen still claw across the countryside, Soldiers still march down the street. Bandits have swelled their ranks with the disillusioned.

The Wizards of the tower have withdrawn into their walls to keep and protect the secrets of their magic.

The Knights of Solamnia still maintain their vigilant watch, but with the disappearance of the former Grand Master, the knights of Solamnia fell into disarray. certain Lord Knights have taken it upon themselves to act on their own ideas of the measure. Lands acquired in the name of righteous might and Honor, and Knightly lords squabbling with each other over boundaries and territories, has once again seen the commoner jeer and spit on the knights whom walk down the streets. Many knights still do what they can for those in need, paying homage to their gods, and praying that the gods give them answers to make things right. They fight and die if need be to defend those that truly need it. Young, headstrong knights quarreled with the older stubborn knights over the meaning of the oath and measure. Some younger knights call for a change to the measure while the older call for steadfast allegiance to its words. This has caused faction to emerge within the ranks, petty squabbles have once again led to the people having no faith in the order. Knightly lords sitting in their keeps feasting with their own, while the poor beg at their gates, calling for aid; and someone to rise up and lead the order once more. Someone who will find sanity in the madness that has gripped the region. However, though dissent lie within the ranks, the last bastion of the High Clerist Tower remains strong.

The Dragon Armies have pulled back their forces, and secured what they hold. The raids of conquest are very infrequent now. No longer are the fires of a home allowed to smolder, bodies no longer line the streets in nooses, or nailed to crosses. Order has been brought to Lands of the Dark Queen. Many of the lands controlled by the Dark Queen welcome her reign with enthusiasm. Men are no longer beaten, women are no longer raped, and homes are no longer destroyed or seized; unless necessary. New Soldiers have appeared. Soldiers that wear grand looking armors, and carry themselves with pride and a distinguished manner., punishing the lawless, and keeping order. The Army that many have become accustomed to has itself changed. No longer due soldiers wear armor of colors. Now there is only one color. No longer due large bands of humaniod monsters roam the streets terrorizing everyone in their path. Now they stand guard, also keeping peace. Rumors abound of a new Leader in their ranks. A leader of Honor that sees the people for what they are; frightened and looking for peace and protection. Food in the bellies of their children.

The legendary heroes whom once roamed the land are gone; either too old, too lame, or dead.
The people of the world cry out for aid. The sick and poor beg in the streets. Faith has been found fleeting, and darkness creeps into many hearts. Good men turn to dark ways, just so their children can eat.
The gods of Light, twilight, and darkness have all put forth their calls to men and women to champion their cause, and bring their beliefs and plans to the world. Do you adventurer; have what it takes? Do you have what is needed to be the savior and champion of the people? Or will you be the spreading darkness, wandering the land, forcing those weak fools to bend knee before you?

Your Destiny is Yours to Forge!

//OOC: We here at Dragonlance: Legacy of Krynn, have created a world, where nothing is permanently set down. The world is always changing, based upon the players, and their characters actions. We promote the Role play aspect of gaming, and urge all players to become integral parts of the World of Krynn. The world is for you, the player to shape.

I have left many things vague in reference, for it is the characters just starting out to find out what is truth, and merely rumor. The characters and players that have been here for some time, and have been involved in the adventures that have brought the world to where it is, know all, and some may share their knowledge with you. Let your character grow, and learn of the things in the world, and choose your path.

Years of love have been forgot
In the hatred of a minute. - Edgar Allen Poe
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Timeline and Recent Events
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