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 Character Rewards

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PostSubject: Character Rewards   Character Rewards I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 7:25 pm

I have taken certain aspects of a former game world I once had a hand in creating, and have applied it here.

There is a Role Play token system in place. For Role play that advances a characters story through meaningful roleplay, or roleplay that advances plots and storylines, and roleplay that advances the world, token will be handed out.
These tokens can be used via turning them in for upgrades to your character.
Upgrades include, buying bonus feats, extra skill points, personal arms and armors, unrestricted rebuilds of characters, and just about anything you can think up.

Examples of Role play that will gain you tokens:

~Adventuring, and taking notes of things seen to eventually explore; uncovering new scenarios.
~While adventuring, figuring out secret plotlines that open up new adventures.
~Role play that advances current story lines and plots

Examples of Roleplay that WILL NOT gain you tokens"

~Sitting in an inn, reliving a previous adventure.
~making plans to go fight the goblins in the caverns down the road and loot the hoardes of treasure they stockpiled.

A list has been set up for the DM staff to use for players that wish to "purchase" amenities with their tokens. If you wish to use the tokens, contact a DM via PM here on the forum, or in game. Or if you wish to know how many tokens you will need for a specific thing, ask a DM or Admin.

Thank you
ADM Equinox

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Character Rewards
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