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 Siege Warfare Rules

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PostSubject: Siege Warfare Rules   Siege Warfare Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 8:53 pm

Player Initiated Sieges

On this server, the players and their characters decide the events that shape the world. As a result, PvP, and sieges take place. There are a set of rules in place to oversee the siege war that players should know, and follow.

1. The player is required to post his intent to attack in siege against the specified target on the forums, and wait at least 3 days real time before beginning the attack. This gives another player a chance to be online to defend if they so choose. In a time of war, a large attack force would be noticed approaching by the towns or keeps scouts and forward outposts; and send word back to the main city to begin defensive measures. Some cases where a town does not have a specific defender force of a guild, may provide the opportunity for the attacker to march a force in a take control.

2. A battle plan must be shared with the DM conducting the siege by the attacker; as well as a defense plan by the defender, so that the DM can make it as fun as possible for all sides involved; and spawn troops as needed.

3. The rule restrictions for PvP should be observed by the attacker and defender; unless no one of suitable level wishes to defend and the only one who will defend is a character outside the normal restrictions. Also, there should be an equal number of defenders per attackers. 1 for 1, or 2 for 2, and so on. Exceptions can be made by the DM in instances where the equal player ratio of attacker/defender is offset

4. In sieges, there is the chance of character death. If a defender character succumbs to death during the siege, they will be excluded from the rest of the siege, unless resurrected by a cleric of their force. The attacker may proceed on to finish the siege’s objective.

In the case of the attackers death, the siege will end, and all areas taken in the siege prior to the attackers death will still be held and fortified, unless the defender can go on the offensive and liberate the already beleaguered areas.
Example: Palanthus has 9 areas to it. If the attacker takes 5 of the areas, and falls in the sixth, that sixth area remains in defender control. The defender can then proceed to try and liberate the 5 areas previously taken by the attacker.

5. If no defender responds after the 3 day period since intent was posted, then one more day will be given for the DM to make preparations for the siege. If there is still no defender after the preparations have been finalized, the attacker may commense the siege as normal. In the event of no defender multiple area sieges, should the attacker fall to death, the siege will end and the forces will remain in control of the areas they have at the end of the siege.

6. Attacking rival guild holdings for the fun of it, will not be tolerated. There are many monsters in the world that you can fight. If it is a role play plot set up by a DM, then it is approved, but will not affect the guild control of the town.

7. Seige's will be conducted as part of Role Play and story advancement, and can not take place without a DM to oversee them. The DM needs to be logged in as a DM, not in as a PC, in order to fairly oversee and monitor both sides of the Role Play and seige.

If there are any questions or comments or suggestions, please direct them to a PM to a member of the DM staff

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Siege Warfare Rules
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