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PostSubject: Abanasinians   Abanasinians I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 3:47 am

Despite the attention it has received in the past 70 years,
or perhaps because of the attention, Abanasinia is still a
frontier region. Bandits roam the woods and mountains,
and goblins are moving into Qualinesti to the south. The
region is not lawless, however. Each of the towns and cities
has a militia or hired soldiers. The Knights of Solamnia
and the Legion of Steel each have a strong presence. The
people have endured much since the War of the Lance,
but most will say they are stronger for it. Then they’ll
immediately tell you they’re about due for some peace and
The city and townsfolk of Abanasinia are generally a
practical, independent, and hard-working lot. The frontier
mindset has been ingrained into their being after many
generations of living in sometimes-hostile territory. With
the number of travelers and drifters flowing through the
area, and the number of people fleeing lives elsewhere,
Abanasinians tend not to ask questions or pry into people’s
past. They are content to take people at face value, though
there is always a certain amount of wariness when dealing
with strangers.
The everyday life of a civilized human in Abanasinia
varies depending on where they live. In a bigger city, such
as Haven, life is much the same as in any city. The rich and
privileged rule over those who are not; the common folk
work for them. In smaller towns and villages, everyone
works, regardless of station. This isn’t to say that life is
constant drudgery—it isn’t—but in the smaller towns and
villages, many residents have roles vital to the continued
survival of the community. Even in Solace, the Lord Mayor
Palin Majere will lend a hand where he can.
Few of the civilized humans who live in the towns and
cities of Abanasinia can trace their roots to the region.
Most came to the region after the Cataclysm or during
the War of the Lance, fleeing the chaos and destruction
that reigned in many other places. As the different people
from different lands mingled over the years, they created
a culture all their own. These customs will vary from town
to town, depending on the backgrounds of the residents.
More than most other places, the cities and towns of
Abanasinia truly are a melting pot of the various human
cultures of Ansalon.
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