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PostSubject: Ergothians   Ergothians I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 3:48 am

For almost one thousand years, Ergoth was the dominant
human nation on Ansalon. Ergothians ruled from
the northern and western shores of the continent to
the Kharolis Mountains in the south and the forest of
Silvanesti in the east. Through mismanagement and
rebellion, Ergoth was slowly whittled down in size. The
final blow came with the Cataclysm; Ergoth was torn
asunder with the rest of Ansalon, much of it sinking
into the sea. Only two islands were left of the once
mighty empire, Northern and Southern Ergoth. Since
the Cataclysm, when one speaks of Ergothians, they
are referring to the dark-skinned, sea-faring folk from
Northern Ergoth, even though close to a fifth of the
population are light-skinned. Most other vestiges of the
old empire and its people have been lost to time.
While there is obviously no one alive in the Empire
who experienced the glory days of Ergoth, there is a
sense that they are something less than they once were.
Stemming from that feeling, most Ergothians approach
life as though it is something to be conquered, both for the
betterment of themselves and Ergoth as a whole.
Much of everyday life for Ergothians is geared toward
the sea and the trade it generates. Even if their occupation
does not put them in contact with water, almost every
Ergothian somehow contributes to this driving force in
the nation’s economy. The few who don’t, innkeepers and
other service jobs, still benefit from the sea trade. For the
sailors, life is a mix of the exciting and boring. Boring are
the days out at sea with no land in sight. Exciting are the
port calls all over Ansalon. Exciting and dangerous are the
clashes with pirates, minotaurs, and creatures of the sea.
To Ergothians, the sea is life, and their mastery of it will
restore them to the forefront of Ansalonian politics.
The culture and customs of Ergothians today are little
like the Ergoth of old. While some things may be similar,
such as the Emperor and the Imperial Senate, many of
the every day customs have changed. Many customs, like
most everything else in an Ergothian’s life, revolve around
the sea. The churches of the Blue Phoenix (Habbakuk)
and Rann (Zeboim) each have great influence in the lives
of Ergothians. However, Zeboim tends to be worshiped
just enough to placate the tempestuous goddess, while
Habbakuk is genuinely revered. Ergoth’s aristocratic
warrior class, the Cavaliers, keep faith in Corij (Kiri-Jolith)
strong, but his congregation is much smaller than in earlier
With the influx of Solamnics in the past 40 years, some
of their traditions are beginning to take root amongst the
people of Ergoth. While the Emperor doesn’t seem too
concerned, some Ergothian nobles are looking for any
excuse to oust the Solamnics and their traditions from
their empire
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