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 Abanasinian Plainsfolk

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PostSubject: Abanasinian Plainsfolk   Abanasinian Plainsfolk I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 4:00 am

The Plains nomads of Abanasinia are descended from
the nomads who roamed Ergoth in the years prior to the
Cataclysm. Four large tribes found themselves isolated
on the Abanasinian Plain after the fiery mountain fell.
The Qué-Shu, Qué-Kiri, Qué-Teh, and Qué-Nal tribes
had to adapt to this new wilderness, though the Qué-Nal
tribe was driven from the plains to the island of Schallsea
shortly after the Cataclysm. The War of the Lance had
a devastating effect on the tribes of the Plains, greatly
reducing their numbers and sending thousands into forced
For decades following the war, Abanasinian Plainsfolk
held what few nomadic tribes ever have—a place on
the political stage of Ansalon. This was due entirely to
Riverwind and his wife Goldmoon, Prophet of Mishakal,
both Heroes of the Lance. The effect on the daily lives of
most Plainsfolk was minimal, but it did result in their
leaders being called away for various reasons over the
years. When Riverwind died and Goldmoon permanently
moved to the Citadel of Light, the issue largely
disappeared. The united tribes are now ruled by Riverwind
and Goldmoon’s aging daughter, Moonsong, who keeps the
tribes as far from civilized human politics as possible.
For most of the time, the Plainsfolk, like most nomads,
were very xenophobic, even attacking those not of their
tribe on sight. This mindset faded after the tribes were
united. Riverwind and Goldmoon were very cosmopolitan
for nomads, and they taught the tribes to give strangers a
chance. There is still a small measure of the old xenophobia
among the tribes, but not nearly to the extreme prior to the
War of the Lance.
The nomads of the Plains of Dust, led by Riverwind’s
son Wanderer and his grandson, Cloudhawk, are
essentially the same culture, merely displaced. This cultural
background may also be used with some minor changes to
represent other plains tribes elsewhere in Ansalon.
Plainsfolk have tanned complexions from years spent
outdoors, which can make some of them look older
than they truly are. Their hair and eyes are usually dark,
although a rare individual has honey-colored or platinumblond
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Abanasinian Plainsfolk
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