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 Nordmaarian Horselords

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PostSubject: Nordmaarian Horselords   Nordmaarian Horselords I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 4:03 am

The broad, grassy prairies of western Nordmaar are home
to nomadic riders, members of the Huitzitlic tribe and
cousins to both the Xocnalic of the Great Moors and
the tribes of Khur. The nomads have only one fixed city,
Wulfgar, built with the assistance of the Solamnic Knights.
The Khan of the Wastes holds his winter court there, while
his people spend the cooler part of the year in the lowlands
near the Great Moors and the jungles. In the spring and
summer, the Huitzitlic move westwards to the slopes of the
Khalkists, where their horses foal, and the nomads avoid
the worst of the sweltering temperatures.
The Horseland people have spent the better part of the
last few hundred years fighting occupying forces, invading
dragons, and hordes of shadow wights boiling forth from
the mad will of Chaos. Although ties to Solamnia have
recently been reforged, the Huitzitlic are still a suspicious
people. The King of Nordmaar, Nacon II, is also Khan
of the Wastes, so for the first time in a hundred or more
years, the Horselords have a sovereign to whom they are
unshakably loyal. The previous king, Shredler Kerian, was
a civilized human and too soft for the fierce tribes of the
The riders of the Wastes are tall and well muscled, with
olive-colored skin and black hair. Occasionally, a child is
born with bright green eyes and blond hair; such a child
spends most of her youth being looked down upon, but
those who live to adulthood are often the most talented
warriors. Gold, leather, and semi-precious stones, like
onyx, jacinth, and turquoise, are common in Horselord
clothing and equipment; the riders themselves favor scale
mail armor crafted by Nordmaarian smiths in the foothills
of the Khalkists.
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Nordmaarian Horselords
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