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PostSubject: Kenderspeak   Kenderspeak I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 08, 2012 1:10 am

Kenderspeak is believed to be derived from a mixture of Gnomes and Elfs. Because of the Kender's curiosity and characteristics, Kenders have an increased proficiency with learning and adapting other languages. Kender Nation Kenderspeak is based on common, elf, and gnome culture along with some limited goblin influence.

Words in "" are more important or more frequently used words.

Kenderword - Common - Notes

"Ramja" - Wander - Other meanings; walk, come, follow, go
"Mara" - Good -
"Mara'ramja" - Good Wander- Phrase for greet/parting
"Hoopak" - Kender Weapon- staff
Ty - Look/Interesting- ty'dog = look at that dog
Te/tet - the/that - te'sword = the sword
- - tet'sword = that sword
ad/adt - and -
ak - Larger than normal-
ik - Smaller than normal-
eyeem/ey'eem - him -
eyer/ey'er - her -
eyme/ey'me - me -
eyew/yoew - you/you- yoew is formal
kendeyeem -kender girl-
kendeyer -kender boy-
'oldt -hold -
gyive -give -
Polpak -Kender Weapon- staff with blade
Hoopik -Short Blunt weapon - mace
Polpik -Kender Short Sharp weapon - sword
ikPolpik -Very Short Sharp weapon - knife
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