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 Playable Races in Legacy of Krynn

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Playable Races in Legacy of Krynn Empty
PostSubject: Playable Races in Legacy of Krynn   Playable Races in Legacy of Krynn I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 09, 2012 6:42 pm

I have been asked to inform the players of the available playable races. So here goes...

ALL races in Legacy of Krynn are playable, with the exception of races not associated with the Dragonlance setting, and some of the playable races are by DM permission only.

Traditional "Drow" elves in the forgotten realms setting, i.e. Elves with black skin; are not permitted in Legacy of Krynn. The term of "Drow" is used to refer to a "Dark Elf", i.e. an elf that has been shunned from elven society. In the future, should spell-jamming be considered for use, the ban of "dark skinned elves" may change, but for now, they are forbidden, unless a DM curses a player character while IN GAME.

Dragon races are playable of all types with permission of the ADMIN staff of the server only. A player will be given the right to play a dragon based on their Role Play ability, and their commitment to RP excellance.

The Irda or "High Ogres" are available as a playable races, allowed only by DM permission.

Draconians are allowed as a playable race, however, with DM permission as draconians are strictly controlled at the present time. They are ALWAYS associated with the dragon Army.

Other races such as:

and others can be played. However, monster races, such as goblin etc. are not looked on favorably, and the player may find himself chased out of towns out of racial prejudices and fear.

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Playable Races in Legacy of Krynn
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