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 Gods of Neutrality

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Gods in the Hidden Vale (Neutral)

Chislev (Intermediate Diety)
The Beast
Symbol: A feather of brown, yello, and green
Colors: Brown, yellow, and green
Celestial Symbol: The planet Chislev
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, wilderness, beasts
Worshipers: Druids, farmers
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Plant
Favored Weapon: Shortspear ("Green Protector,")
Preferred Vestments: Brown robes, green hood and leggings, wooden medallion of faith

Nature has no beginning and no end. The balance of nature must be maintained at all costs. Nature should be protected and nurtured, not enslaved or despoiled. There is a place for technology and new developments, but thse should always be second to the true gift that nature is.

Chislev, also known as the Beast, Wild One, and World Mother, represents the godly force of instinct. She believes the soul grows by releasing thought and instinct, and giving in to primal urges. She is the power of the natural world and all things wild. She is at one with Krynn, and extends her wrath to those that abuse the earth. Chislev is wracked with pain and suffering during times of war, and works in the current world to heal the wounds done to it. She is the partner of Zivilyn, and maintains friendship with Sirrion. She conflicts with Shinare and Reorx. Gilean grants Chislev knowledge but he is at times overly intelligent for her. Chislev is regarded among all the Gods of Good, and opposes Morgion among the Gods of Evil in particular. Her celestial symbol is the planet Chislev
Worshiped by all animals and plants, she is the Mother of Nature. She influences nature, wilds, and beasts., and favors the colors of Brown,Yellow and Green. Her choice of avatar form are that of a beautiful human or elven woman with glowing golden hair,and clothes made of living plants. Her only weapon is a living wooden staff. She will appear as a Unicorn when she wishes not to speak to anyone.

Her main goal is to restore the land of Krynn, for she feels each and every wound upon the face of Krynn. Legend states that seasons change according to the moods in her heart.

Other names: Askyren (Kyrie), The Beast, Chisel Wilder (Arktos), Kisla the Mother of Sea Creatures (Sea Elves), Kradock (Highlanders), Krik'k lettz (Bakali), Wild One (Mithas), Winged Mother (Kyrie), World Mother.


Gilean (Greater Diety)
The Book
Symbol: An open book
Color: Gray
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Book of Souls
Alignment: Neutral
Porfolio: Balance, knowledge, learning, freedom, watchfulness
Worshipers: Scribes, historians, teachers
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Knowledge, Liberation*, Protection
Favored Weapon: Quater Staff ("The SageStaff,")
Preferred Vestments: Hooded grey robe, silver medallion of faith

Seek knowledge, for knowledge will not see you. Be calm and deliberate, and share all the knowledge you come across. Knowledge transcends good and evil, so do not be a slave to Darkness of beholden to Light. Do not judge, and to nose use knowledge to sway others to any side, for knowledge knows no choice or dictum. Emotion clouds learning. Strive to be evenhanded. Know that turth is elusive and belief is transitory, but knowledge is eternal and everlasting. Above all, knowledge is a pursuit without ending. Record knowledge while you are able. Ignorance is the greatest enemy.

Gilean, also known as the Book, the Sage, and the Gray Voyager, represents the godly force of knowledge. He supports the growth of the soul through attaining knowledge and experience. He is the holder of the Tobril, which contains the divine plan of the High God for the world. He is the patron of sages, librarians, and scholars. He is the leader of the Gods of Balance. He supports free will and individual choice for all individuals of Krynn. He is one of the first gods to be called out of the Beyond and is on equal power with Takhisis and Paladine. A legend of him states that the High God commanded Gilean to ensure his own existence by raising the soul of a mortal scholar who would one day become him, in an ontological paradox of sorts. That scholar is most likely Astinus, who watches over the Great Library of Palanthas and scribes all history as it happens until the Chaos War. Gilean is a mediator between the Gods of Good and Evil, siding against the faction that threatens the Balance. All of the Gods of Neutrality look to him for help and advice, and the Gods of Light often do the same in hopes he will side with them. The Gods of Evil manipulate situations to present Gilean with a case where he can only side with them, such as in the Chaos War where Takhisis forces Gilean to side with her Dark Knights, as they are the only chance that mortals can stand against Chaos. His celestial symbol is the constellation Book of Souls.

Guardian of the Tobril, he ever so diligently seeks to keep the balance between Good and Evil. His influence is simply that of knowledge, and bears the color of Gray. In avatar form he may appear as a scholar that is intent upon a certain subject, and forgetful of anything else, and will generally test the perception of those he encounters.
Gilean works hard to keep the balance between good and evil by either giving information to one side or the other, or briefly allies with the less powerful side. His goal is to recruit as many followers to aid in the restoration of Krynn and to help insure the balance is kept.

Lunitari (Intermediate Diety)
Veiled Maiden
Symbol: Red Circle or Sphere
Color: Red or magenta
Celestial Symbol: The red moon
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, arcane knowledge
Worshipers: Wizards of the Red Robes
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: None (Does not grant divine spells)
Favored Weapon: Magic, Staff or Dagger
Preferred Vestments: Red Robes

Devote yourself to magic. Enchance and expand the use of magic in the world. Work to maintain the balance between good and evil magic, and promote the use of neutral magic. Bring other worthy candidate to the study of the art.

Lunitari, also known as the Veiled Maiden, Maid of Illusion, and Night Candle, represents the power of magic used for neutrality. She supports wizards who use magic in the name of balance, freedom, and curiosity. She seeks to preserve the balance of good and evil in magic. She is once the power divine force of mystery, but she removes herself from the Hidden Vale and joins her cousins Solinari and Nuitari in order to give magic her closer attention. Her focus instead became the mystery of magic. She is said to come fully born from the thoughts of her father Gilean. She resides in and represents herself through the red moon of Krynn. She tells to her faithful the secrets and discoveries of magic. She is close to Reorx, who sometimes helps her in forging magical artifacts. She, along with Reorx, conspires to trap Chaos in the Graygem, which has led the other Gods of Neutrality to distrust her. She rarely interacts with the Gods of Good and Evil, except for her cousins Solinari and Nuitari, whom she is especially close to, almost always being with them at the meetings of the gods. Her celestial symbol is the red moon, Lunitari.
Founder of the Red robes, her main influence is the magic she has given to Krynn. Her color is Magenta, and usually takes the form red robed woman with red hair. She cloaks her form with that of any race she chooses. Her only weapon other than magic are ruby red darts that she will only use as a last resort.

She works closely with Solinari to restore magic to Krynn. Like the other Gods of Magic, she has chosen to be close to Krynn. Her heavenly symbol is the red moon, and is called "whiching light".

Other names: Luin (Ergoth), Lutar (Ancient Plainsmen), Maid of Illusion (Mithas), Night Candle (Thorbardin), Red-Eye (Goodlund), Veiled Maiden, Lunis (Taladas).

Reorx (Greater Diety)
The Forge
Symbol: Forging hammer
Colors: Slate gray and red
Celestial Symbol: The planet Reorx
Alignment: Neutral
Protfolio: Creation, gambling, atrisans, engineering
Worshipers: Dwarves, gnomes
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Earth, Fire, Forge*
Favored Weapon: Warhammer ("Reorx's Strength")
Preferred Vestments: Slate grat tabard, suitable for use at the forge, or red robes (formal)

There is beauty in creation. Nothing in life is better than crafting something lasting, and the process is as important as the finished item is. Never be idle when you can be working. Rituals and tried-and-true formulas are well and good, but innovation is vitally important. In all things, strive to master your skill, honor your peers, and enjoy the results of your work.

Reorx, also known as the Forge, the World Smith, and Tamer of Chaos, represents the godly force of creation. He desires for souls to grow through crafting and gaining skill. He is the patron of dwarves and gnomes, but also of all craftsmen. He is also followed by gamblers and rogues because they rely on their own talents to change the course of an event. He respects and encourages the power of mortals to shape, build, and produce. Reorx often takes the mortal form of a handsomely dressed dwarf named Dougan Redhammer. Reorx, at the behest of the High God, created the world of Krynn from the raw energies of Chaos. He unknowingly encases Chaos into the Graygem when he sought a bit of the essence of the higher deity to anchor the balance in the world. He is a much loved deity; he works with Shinare and Gilean, and is respected by Sargonnas and Kiri-Jolith for his power of smithing mighty weapons. Zeboim is known to go to Reorx to better understand the workings of ships and the like, so that she can better destroy them. The dwarves hold that Reorx created them as his chosen; however, Reorx creates the gnomes instead when a chosen group of men fall from his grace. The dwarves and the kender are created when the energies of Chaos morph a group of gnomes into the two races. His celestial symbol is the red star Reorx.

Having forged the world, and founder of the Dwarves, he influences weapons, mining, technology, and of course smithing. His colors are Slate Gray and Red. He takes avatar form of a Dwarf and has been seen as many other races. His most distinguishing feature is the symbol of a hammer. He is perceived in many ways by different races.
During the dawn of time he forged the world, and formed the stars from the sparks of his hammer. His greatest creation was the Greygem that he forged for the three gods of magic.

Other names: Anvil (Elian), Forge, The Weaponmaster (Mithas), World Smith, Sammakax (Irda), Tamer of Chaos.

Shinare (Intermediate Diety)
Winged Victory
Symbol: Griffins Wing
Colors: Gold, silver, and brown
Celestial Symbol: The planet Shinare
Alignment: Lawful netural
Portfolio: Wealth, commerce, travel
Worshipers: Merchants, traders, dwarves
Cleric Alignments: LN, N
Domains: Law, Luck, Travel
Favored Weapon: Light mace ("Jeweled Delight")
Preferred Vestments: Fine robes, jewerly, and gold

Industry and commerce is the way to riches. Work hard and you will be rewarded with wealth. Greed will destroy what you have worked to gain. Poverty is lack of effort. Never tolerate laziness or ignorance. The clever and the industrious find opportunity and fortune in the world. Lead others in enterprise and safeguard transactions. Be fair and honest in your buisness, for deception is the road to ruin-yet do not shy form competition, for it is the well-spring of all fortune.

Shinare, also known as Winged Victory, the Silver Mistress, and Walking Liberty, represents the godly force of interaction. Those who follow Shinare grow by communicating with other people. She oversees all oaths, negotiations, and partnerships. She promotes the advancement of the world through enterprise. She patrons merchants, without regard to motivation so long as business is done fairly. With that principle in mind, she does not condemn slavery or mercenary activity. Things like theft and cheating, however, she opposes as they impair the principles of interaction. She secretly influenced the development of steel as the principle currency of Ansalon, and has recently become a major influence in the nation of Solamnia. Shinare is partnered with Sirrion, whom she sometimes clashes with because of his chaotic tendencies. She works with Reorx as well, but has only basic, polite relationships with the other Gods of Neutrality. She is closest to Kiri-Jolith and Majere among the Gods of Light because of her belief in honesty and truth, and directly opposes Hiddukel among the Gods of Evil because of his lies and cheating. Her celestial symbol is the planet Shinare.

Goddess of wealth, industry, and commerce, and is loyal to anyone that is productive. She is against and shuns all that are lazy. Her colors are Gold, Silver, and Brown, and usually appears in two avatar forms. One form she is a rich merchant woman, wearing only the finest clothing and jewelry. To the Dwarves she appears as a merchant male, only because minor concerns such as gender should not interfere with progress.

Her greatest enemy is Hiddukel, God of corrupt business. Her major concerns are the rebuilding of war-torn Krynn. She believes that to restoration will occur faster through industry and progress

Other names: Balance of the Scales (Mithas), Silver Master (Thorbardin), Silver Mistress, Walking Liberty (Ergoth), Winged One (elves), Winged Victory.


Sirrion (Intermediate Diety)
Flowing Flame
Symbol: Multicolored fire
Colors: Bright Reds and Yellows
Celestial Symbol: The planet Sirrion
Alignment: Chaoetic Neutral
Portfolio: Fire, strength, sun
Worshipers: Alchmeists, lovers, fighters
Clerig Alignments: CE, CG, CN
Domains: Chaos, Fire, Passion*
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail ("Flaming Strike,")
Preferred Vestments: Flowing red and yellow robes, with gold and copper flame symbol

Fire is life, fire is death. Fire is honest. Fire does not discriminate. Fire is the instrument of change. Fire is a useful and extraordinary tool. Rmove the fear of fire from the people and teach them all the good things that fire can do for them. Harness the flame to bring light and warmth into the world. Never allow a fire to rage out of control, for all flame that burns should have a purpose. Seek the fire in others and in yourself.

Sirrion, also known as the Flowing Flame, the Alchemist, and the Firemaster, represents the godly force of transformation [disambiguation needed]. He promotes the soul to give in to passion and creativity to grow and change. He represents fire, because it is the element that brings change and growth, and it represents the creativity of artists and alchemists. Sirrion is chaotic, but does not condone random destruction; instead, change should produce something new. He is the patron of art and alchemy. Legend holds that he created his partner Shinare from grand metals, and that he gave fire to Reorx for the creation of the world. In truth, his responsibility was equal to the other gods. He is the companion of Shinare, although being her complete opposite; however, his passion with her progressive spirit can create much in the world. Sirrion works with Reorx and Chislev, but does not often work with Zivilyn or Gilean. Sirrion is close to Branchala and Habbakuk among the Gods of Light, and opposes Sargonnas among the Gods of Evil, for Sargonnas directs flame into the spirit of wrath and revenge. His celestial symbol is the planet Sirrion.

God of Fire, he controls every flame from the smallest candle to the sun. His colors are any bright Red or Yellow. When he has to take avatar form, he usually looks like a tall man with flames as hair, beard, and eyebrows. He will carry a two-handed flame tongue sword that no mortal can touch. If mortal should ever lay hand on it they receive double damage until he/she either dies or drops the sword.

His companion and consort is Shinare, and often compete with the recruit of followers. He desperately tries to make fire as beautiful as he can

Other names: The Alchemist, Firemaster, the Flowing Flame, the Wizard (Mithas), Sirr'ushush (Bakali), Sinar (Imperial League).

Zivilyn (Intermediate Diety)
Tree of Life
Symbol: A great green and gold tree
Colors: Green and gold
Celestial Symbol: The planet Zivilyn
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Wisdom, foresight, prophecy
Worshipers: Philosphers, mediators
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, C, NE, NG
Domains: Insight*, Knowledge, Mediation*
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff ("Enlightenment Cane,")
Preferred Vestments: Simple moss-green robe, no hood, gold medallion of faith

Wisdom is timeless. Act after you have studies all courses of action. Be mindful of your place in the universe. Be free of materiel influence. Seek understanding, not facts, for knowledge is fallible whereas wisdom is not. Choose no side in war or conflict. Be an advisor to those who seek peace. All wisdom comes from within and move without. Widsom cannot be learned or borrowed and knows only balance. Time and space are all one in balance. Be at peace with nature, for it is the cradle of wisdom, and be at peace with yourself, for you are the vessel of wisdom.

Zivilyn, also known as the World Tree, Wise One, and the Tree of Life, represents the godly force of wisdom. He encourages the soul to grow by achieving enlightenment and wisdom. Zivilyn's influence extends to all realms and to all times. He promotes understanding and spiritual awareness. Zivilyn gives counsel to Gilean, bringing wisdom to Chislev as well. Zivilyn, despite his extensive knowledge of all times and places of Krynn, cannot foresee Takhisis stealing the world away during the War of Souls. Zivilyn is respected by all Gods, and never chooses sides in a fight or disagreement. He is closest to Gilean and is the partner of Chislev, and has much in common with Majere and Hiddukel because of their understandings of the power of wisdom and awareness, respectively. Zivilyn does not allow the forces of compassion or corruption to influence him. His celestial symbol is the planet Zivilyn.

Guarding the Krynn's knowledge, he influences wisdom. Bearing the colors of Green and Gold, he can take many avatar forms. His most common form is that of an old balding bearded man. Any that gaze into his eyes will learn their future and death. His only weapon is a wooden staff that will obey any command it is given.

He is called the Tree of Life, because his roots and branches extends to all times. Wisdom and Knowledge go hand in hand, and so he works closely with Gilean. He is consort and companion to Chislev.

Other names: Tree of Life, Wise One (Mithas), World Tree.

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Gods of Neutrality
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