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 Knight of Takhisis General Information

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Knights of Takhisis - General

All characters start in the Order of the Lily and may progress to other orders later if they so choose.
All beginning characters of this class start with a patron (Lily), sponsor (Skull), or mentor (Thorn). This is an elder Knight who has brought the new character into the order. Knights of Takhisis never just 'sign up' or enlist. They must always be sponsored by an older knight of any of the three orders.
This NPC becomes guarantor and advocate for the character. The advocate's commands and judgements are the final law and always unquestionably obeyed. It is the responsibility of the advocate to forward the advancement of the character in the knighthood - or kill the character who is disobedient.
The advocate assumes the role of parent, judge, executioner, and, depending on the relationship, occasionally lover. Regardless of the relationship, the advocate will hunt down and destroy the character without compassion if he or she shows the least sign of disobedience to the order. To do otherwise would bring death on the advocate from his or her own sponsor.
As with the Knights of Solamnia, women may enter the ranks of the Knights of Takhisis. They can rise in Rank as far as their abilities will take them.

The Vision, the Blood Oath, and the Code

The Vision is - in simple terms - a statement of the ultimate goal of the knighthood. For knights below the rank of novice (22nd level or below), the Vision is embodied in the phrase: "One World Order." The goal is no less than the total and unquestioned domination of the entire world of Krynn. The Blood Oath and the Code are established to work toward that end.
For knights moving beyond Novice rank, passing the Test of Takhisis is part of the ceremony for investment is the Deep Vision - a magical impression on the knight's mind of the will of Takhisis and the goals of the knighthood. Experienced after four days of fasting and prayer to the Dark Queen, the Vision gives the knight a clear understanding of the goals of the knighthood and the knight's own place in the grand plan.
The Blood Oath is simple: "Submit or die." When joining the knighthood, each knight dedicates body and soul utterly to the cause. All thoughts of self are submerged, sublimated. Yet this does not mean that knights may not think for themselves, which brought about the creation of the Code.
The Code is complex in the extreme, yet elegant in its detail. The strict, unyielding exactitude of the Solamnic Knights' 'Oath and Measure' had caused their long fall from the Age of Might, ending in their continuing weakness. Despite the fact that the knights and other forces for good had emerged victorious, they were a long way from bringing peace and order to Ansalon.
Knowing the weaknesses of all mortal creatures, The Emperor, Talash Ashara, crafted a detailed set of laws that relate principally to military situations, but that can also extend into the lives of each member of the knighthood. Strict adherence to the Code is required, but each case is considered on its own merits, and exceptions can be made.
The Knights of Solamnia hold knightly councils to consider changes or alterations in their Measure. Having captured several knights of Solamnia, and enforcing his will upon them; and their subsequent divulging of information, the Emperor determined them to be a waste of time, spent in endless arguing and bickering over trival points of law and honour. The Emeror established his Code so that there would be no need to argue fine points. The law was as written. Violations were obvious and dealt with summarily.
However, he did recognize the need to be flexible, as occasion demanded, and so established a means by which an exception to the Code might be considered and either accepted or rejected on its own merits.
Exceptions to the Code are adjudicated by a single knight selected from a chosen few in command positions. The role of adjudicator is generally reserved for knights of 32nd level or higher. (Occasionally those of less than 30th level are granted the right, but that would be up to Lord Ashara.) The outward, visible sign of an adjudicator is a scepter, presented to the knight by Lord Ashara himself.
If the adjudicator decides that the Code has been broken and that no exception to the Code may be permitted, punishment is meted out to the offender. Since a knight who violates the Code is seen to have also violated the Vision and broken the Blood Oath, the punishment is generally death.
Unlike the Solamnic Knights, the Knights of Takhisis are permitted to lie, steal, or commit murder, but only if such acts can be proven to advance the Vision and are not committed for personal gain or through loss of self-control. Thus, Knights of Takhisis do not 'rape, pillage, and plunder.' Such acts are seen as adverse to the advancement of the Vision, which is to establish an ordered world, free of chaos.
Execution is carried out by the advocate, if that knight is present, or by the knight's commander if the advocate is not. The knights do not view death as the ultimate end, but rather as advancement to a higher rank. Takhisis is the final judge of a knight's life, and the knight is rewarded by Her Dark Majesty or punished eternally as she decides. The knight does not fear death, therefore, but could have reason to fear the wrath of the Queen in the afterlife. A knight who wishes to appeal the ruling of the adjudicator may do so. Once his soul is dispatched to Takhisis, She will hear the plea.
The Dark Queen has been known to send knights wrongfully judged back to 'correct the error.' Such undead knights are known as revenants. Because of this, all adjudicators will want to be extremely sure of the facts and will order a knight's execution only after serious prayer and consideration.
Part of the Code deals specifically with the establishment and maintenance of lines of communication and authority. Thus, when an order is given from above, it is quickly dispatched and acted on. But the Emperor knew that the knights probably would find themselves in situations where they would be on their own, cut off from the chain of command. Therefore, major sections of the Code are devoted to acting on the Vision. When communication with the knighthood is severed, individuals who have a clear concept of the Vision will act independently to carry out the will of the knighthood until such time as communication can be reestablished. In this way, order is maintained in times of chaos.
Even within the bounds of orders as given, the knights have broad discretion as to how these orders are carried out. As long as a knight's actions do not violate the Vision, the standing orders of their knighthood, or the specific orders that they have been given, a knight is free to act.
The Code is divided into several basic principles, which guide the three major orders of knighthood:

The Lily: Independence breeds chaos. Submit and be strong.
The Skull: Death is patient. It flows both from without and within. Be vigilant in all and skeptical of all.
The Thorn: One who follows the heart finds it will bleed. Feel nothing but victory.

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Knight of Takhisis General Information
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